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During certain operations, such as open heart surgery, the doctors must stop the patient’s heart. A heart-lung machine is used to keep the patient’s blood flowing until the heart can be restarted.

The person who operates the heart-lung machine is called a cardiac perfusionist. If the patient requires additional blood products or medications during the procedure, the perfusionist can administer these through the heart-lung machine. The perfusionist also monitors and controls the patient’s body temperature by increasing or decreasing the temperature of the patient’s blood as it passes through the machine.

In addition to these critical responsibilities in the operating theater, the perfusionist also evaluates and selects new equipment, orders supplies, and oversees technical support staff.

Career Outlook: 
Career Outlook data is specific to New Hampshire State.
June 2013 Entry Level Wage: 
June 2013 Mean Wage: 
June 2013 Experienced Wage: 
Salary Range: 
$40,000 - $60,000
Education Requirements: 

Education Levels:

There are several educational paths to obtaining this job. Please consult your Case Manager for specific details about these opportunities.
License and Certification Requirements: 
Coding Certification Required: 
Coding License Required: 
Certification(s) Required: 
Certification Requirements: 
To be certified you must pass a two part examination. Additionally you must graduate from or be currently enrolled in, an accredited cardiovascular perfusion education program, and anticipating graduation prior to the date of the examination with satisfactory clinical competency and a minimum of seventy-five (75) clinical perfusions performed during the education program.
Career Categories: 

Types of Work:

Workplace Environment: 
Types of Interaction: 
Direct Patient Interaction
Integrated Team Member
Support Role