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Frequently Asked Questions for Educators and Trainers

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How can we attract and retain a diverse student body?
Recruitment of minority students must be a comprehensive process with a long-term, institution-wide commitment to diversity. Commitment to diversity at every level of the institution, on a philosophical as well as a financial basis, must form the base of all admission and recruitment efforts. The same applies to any profession or career field seeking to attract minority professionals to its ranks.

If post-secondary education institutions and professions are to successfully attract and retain racially and ethnically diverse students and professionals, they must be able to meet the psychological, safety, sense of belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization needs that these students and professionals bring with them to their campus and workplace. In seeking to decrease attrition of ethnically and racially diverse students, colleges and universities should implement comprehensive programs that address students' needs for academic and career advising and assist with making the social, intellectual, and geographic transitions to college. Institutions with comprehensive retention services provide counseling, tutoring, academic support, career planning and placement services, as well as work to improve the social and racial climate on campus and the cultural competency skills of academic advisors and faculty members.

(Resource- Minority Student Recruitment, Retention and Career Transition Practices: A Review of the Literature: