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Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses and Employers

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Why should I hire an HPOP participant?
HPOP participants are taught through an Employer-Based Training (EBT) Program, which uses an employer-driven model to identify gaps in skilled health care occupations, and to place trained, committed candidates in these jobs for long-term success and self-sufficiency. The entire HPOP program is centered on training candidates for job-specific roles so that potential employees know exactly what is expected of them in their chosen health career.

Why is a diverse health care workforce important?
The United States is becoming a more diverse nation, as demonstrated by the fact that nonwhite racial and ethnic groups will constitute a majority of the American population later in this century. The representation of many of these groups (e.g., African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans) within health professions, however, is far below their representation in the general population. Increasing racial and ethnic diversity among health professionals is important because evidence indicates that diversity is associated with improved access to care for racial and ethnic minority patients, greater patient choice and satisfaction, and better educational experiences for health professions students, among many other benefits.